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Safety App strives to enhance the safety network across various activities of the construction industry. Being a labor-intensive sector, the need for providing a near risk-free workspace is paramount for the construction sector. 


We endeavor to build a wide network of individuals and entities to bolster the spread of safety as a concept in the real estate field- particularly in the areas where construction takes the prime place of activity.  We welcome industry experts, professionals and businessmen engaged in enhancing safety protocols for ushering in safe and transparent work areas in construction industry.


We aim at sewing up proactive partner relationships to ensure wider dissemination of knowledge and tighter implementation of safety measures. If you are interested in contributing your part in beefing up safety and security of the lives of construction crew, Safety App provides you a great opportunity to put your plans into action. Please contact us to know the details of Partner Program. 

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301, Chandravarsha,

above SBI, Sus Road,

Pashan, Pune 411021.

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