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Safety App – the one app for wholesome safety of
workforce across multiple construction sites

Imagine hearing about a serious accident at a construction site
hours after it happened.


Or, the perils of deploying untrained labor to operate heavy machinery or in hazardous zones. Or being ignorant of the number of workers at any construction site, their roles and responsibilities. Or depending on archaic information to execute time-sensitive projects. The scenario is scary for any construction management personnel. 

Safety App is designed to address such situations and cater to the quintessential need of securing the lives of people working in the construction industry. This web and mobile based system is an ideal tool to document,

monitor and implement safety measures on multiple construction sites. 


To provide safe, secure and healthy working conditions at construction sites and put in place a traceable mechanism to identify, address and resolve safety breaches and ensure total legal compliance within timeframe

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To inculcate and incorporate concept of SAFETY in construction industry starting from planning activities to the point of execution and beyond through integrated multitenancy software compatible in both offline and online modes for ensuring well coordinated and timely execution of projects.

Safe Construction Site is the mission


To focus on building value added technological solutions to enable users to enhance business agility and transparency in an environment that fosters personal development and professional growth.

Save Lives


VAST – Valueadd Softtech & Systems Pvt Ltd- has evolved based on positive work culture. It is an equal opportunity provider with strong emphasis on team work and camaraderie,cooperation and collaboration between different members of the organization.

Company Culture Employee Safety and Health

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