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Safety is the New Currency

Track & Reduce Incidents At Your Construction Sites.

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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

Protect your workforce from the “Unexpected”- the all pervasive element.  
Digitize to Insulate your workflow with safety measures. Do not leave any stone unturned to inculcate, implement, and monitor safe methods of working in your construction activity.


Actionable information for 360 degree remote administration.
Insightful Features for total control over all project activities. 

Easing Workflows

Create Work Permits with Work Type, Identify Potential Hazards, Plan Precautions. Digitize the work permit issuing and management process for faster coordination and better supervision. It helps in clearly alienating functions and responsibilities as well as accountability of every personnel on the site. 

Easy Workflows for Constructio Sites - Work Permits, TBTs, Incident Management

Planned Procedures

Real time notifications of inductions, toolbox trainings, day-to-day activities. Create and Manage Daily Toolbox Trainings.
Get labor count at sites with category. Capture signatures and images of labor and other visitors.


Safety App - Toolbox Talks - Construction Labour

Geo Tagging

Capture Instructions given, PPEs issues to labor with Group Photos, Geo Location, Time Stamp & Signatures to ensure work was performed at designated sites. 

Work Permit, Toolbox Talks with Geo location, Signature

Real-time Reports

Offline data capturing and subsequent syncing on availability of network.  Email Notifications and instant alerts on mobile. Reply to notifications and alerts on the go for immediate resolution. Seamless visibility across sites with easy communication and monitoring of RFIs. 

Construction Project Report

Timely action

On the Spot assigning & monitoring crucial tasks to team with deadline. Receive Need Action notifications from the sites.
Monitor the progress of work. Escalate if action is slow or overshooting the deadline.

Construction Incident Reporting

Incident Management

Report incidents with its severity and other details with a single click. Report incidents and accidents with ease. Attach multiple pictures of accident to indicate severity. Easy, coordinated, transparent & efficient handling of safety breaches.

Construction Safety - Incident Management App

New Features

Custom Checklists
Corrective & Preventive Actions
Root Cause Analysis for incidents

Shortcuts cut life short. Plan every step of your
construction activity with Safety App

Benefits of SafetyApp

Case Study of Safety App - Nyati Group


We at Nyati Group are committed to providing safe work environment. Our quest for a digital solution ended with VAST Safety App. Safety App allows us to implement and monitor safety procedures at all times.

Workplace Safety - EHS Software

Safeguards Against Revenue Loss & Legal Hassles:

Take preventive measures against incidents which often results in loss of lives, permanent or temporary disabilities, monitory & brand name losses and time spent in jurisdictions.

Construction Safety System

Save Time 

Safety Officer deals with 4 to 5 projects. With SafetyApp site supervisor needs to spend just 5 mins per project every day for adding data. The checklist approach makes sure that data is clean and correct.

Building Safety Culture

Brings Transparency & Reliability

Increase trust, increases investment opportunities through a simple yet robust platform and transparent process.

Safety Management Software for Construction Companies

Ensure Workplace Safety

Maintaining work orders, training records in the system that results in more responsible/accountable and alert labor as they become directly accountable.


SafetyApp Is Being used in 61 projects across all customers


Work Permits


Observations highlighted


Induction Trainings


Toolbox Trainings



Hear It from Customers

All-In-One Safety Software for Nyati Group
"At Nyati Group we are always striving to be the “First Choice for all our Client, customers, vendors, Contractors & employees”. This can be achieved only by constantly upgrading our mind sets, technological skill sets and having a very strong value based commitments."
Construction Site Safety Management Software

Colonel Ganesh Sirsikar (Retd)

VP ( Systems, QA, Safety, Post Sales) at Nyati Group


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Work Permit Made Simpler and Efficient with Safety App

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Why Choose Safety App?

Give yourself an opportunity to stand out
with a well-orchestrated performance, every time


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